29 augustus 2014

Talking with Ken Thaodee

Rooms dedicated to work are most of the time a mess. But I think the mess makes it cozy. That moment when you move your stuff from your bed to the desk and the morning after you move everything back to the bed just brings a productive feeling. I think a lot of us recognize this.

This time I brought my camera with me to Ken’s studio in the center of Antwerp. I already dedicated a post to Ken’s work. He studies Fashion and you could also just read that from the pictures. I love the white space with the beautiful wooden floor that ensures that the personal

touches grab your attention. And again you see the humorous things just like in Ken’s collections.

But after talking about his designing skills in fashion and interior, his personal styling is not to forget. Playing with colors and proportions also pops up again. I always admitted people who create their own world with their styling.

* Ken's personal blog is launching soon

22 augustus 2014

Early season change

As you know or not, the sun has disappeared in Belgium. It’s over with the shorts, T-shirts and open shoes. Even that cold, I had to take my winter boots and jeans out. But you don’t hear me complaining about that. For my outfits, I prefer winter dressing instead of summer dressing. I can finally go into old habits: layering.

I’m using my basic bottoms here. As every winter a pair of Original Clarks shoes are a key piece for me. They fit perfect on a skinny Levi’s jeans. And everything just fits on a jeans and Clark boots, like this grey tee and jeans jacket from Scotch & Soda.

* Top: COS, Scotch & Soda (more info: Alchemy Blues jacket), middle: Levi's, bottom: Clarks

18 augustus 2014

Wander day

There is nothing better than walking through galleries on a lazy and hot day. Not far away but in your hometown. Being a tourist in your hometown always brings you surprising things like good expositions. The last free, lazy and hot day I went to the local centrum for actual art, Z33.

Paper-Scissors-Stone is the first big solo exhibition of Leon Vranken. In his work we see a game (Stone beats scissors, scissors beats paper and

paper beats stone) with materials. He cuts through buildings, objects and two-dimensional elements. Sculptures are out of balance. At the end, there is only the essence, the line, just like the outcome of the game, unpredictable.

* Top: COS, middle: Levi's, bottom: Nike vintage

11 augustus 2014

The joy of unpacking

Coming back home and finding a package in the mail, is the best way to come home. The first thing to do, besides putting away that ton of luggage, is opening it. Documenting this is new for me but after seeing al those 'unpacking' videos on YouTube, did me want to do the same.

Scotch & Soda is a brand that definitely creates their own world. When you walk in a store of them, you become part of their world and feel the atmosphere. Amsterdam Blauw is the denim collection of Scotch &

Soda. The Alchemy Blues Project is about 4 graphic designers with a passion for denim. They designed a Japanese selvedge trucker jacket with keeping in mind the four basic elements air, earth, wind and fire. They made a true collectors item from their most authentic selvedge jacket!

* Limited to 250 pieces in selected Scotch & Soda stores
more info here

8 augustus 2014

The process keeps going

As I told you in my previous post about my room, it keeps changing constantly. It's now a month ago I captured my room and here is the proof! Till then, a lot of new pieces came in and a few old ones went out. My philosophy is 'you can't take something in if you don’t put something out'. If I wouldn't follow this rule, or another design gatherer wouldn't, rooms would be overloaded.

The concept of my room is 'bright & fresh'. And a concept wouldn't be a concept if I wouldn't be stuck on it. Just as the old furniture, the new ones strength the concept. Again, Ikea dominates. But after Ikea, also a

main vintage piece is added. I was able to put my fingers on a vintage Thonet. I was looking for a design classic as that for a long time. And after a long search I found one in a local and small vintage store. Already painted white and for only 50 cent. This chair isn't only a decoration piece, but now I finally have a chair for me desk instead of a rocking chair. And as the desk became a desk, I bought a desktop so I can finally function from a fully desk instead of a bed.

* Chair: Thonet No. 18 vintage, candleholder: DIY, plant stand: IKEA PS 2014