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24 juli 2014

Old and new together

I already told you about my outfits that come straight out of my closet without any thinking. This summer outfit is just one of them: suitable for a hot summer day. I'm wearing a vintage short from Levi's. I bought them for a few euros, cut and folded them. This is a really cheap and durable way if you want a contemporary short.

Just as my outfit, the place where we shoot this is a combination of old and new. An old mine building that recent got renovated by 51N4E. I love how they work it out and make the best combination out of the old building and the new architecture.

* Top: Ray-Ban, COS, middle: Levi's Vintage, bottom: Birkenstocks

21 juli 2014

Ribs and curls of Calatrava

Although I'm a sensational architecture spotter, I've never visited the only building of Calatrava in Belgium. I always see this building in pictures of others. It looks like it was just a building where he just wields his style. So I was actually never interested in it.

But after all, I always aimed the specific style of Calatrava, those white ribs that make a roof. I decided to give it a shot and took my camera with me. When I arrived and saw the station from far, I still wasn't impressed.

But after wandering for half an hour, the details began to penetrate through my eyes. Although, I still didn’t like the typical train station hall, the function and circulation was the same as any other station. But those details were to die for! The curves and curls were that sensational where I always look for in architecture. Not to forget to mention that the white steal floats together with the white concrete. And after all, I have to admit: visiting the building was sensational enough for me.

14 juli 2014

DIY: Concrete candleholder

I decided this week to make an end of a long search for the perfect candleholder. I didn't find any concrete one that had enough body. So I started to think how I could make it by myself on an easy way. After a lot of trying, I decided to share it with you. It's actually very easy and very fast.

I only show you a few ones, but there are thousand of options. You can for example put a few candles in one body, making them high or just very low, scrubbing the upside to make it as smooth as the sides, ... The only thing I know for sure is that they look better if you put a few of them together.

1. Cut a bottle, from which you like the bottom part (I took 2l bottles for small candles and 0.5l bottles for big candles).
2. Mix cement, white sand and water in a bucket to make the concrete. (I didn't use any proportions, just follow your instinct or ask your dad)
3. Fill the bottle with the concrete. You can play with the height of the candleholder by adding less or more concrete.
4. Put something as thick as the candle in the concrete. Don't forget to tape it, otherwise it won't be easy to take it out.
5. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. When you want to take it out, check if it's really dry.
6. Cut the bottle and take out the shape of the candle. Now you're finished!

10 juli 2014

A bright look at my room

Because I get a lot of questions about my room on my Instagram, I decided to make a post about it. It was a reveal to actually make photos with a camera from my room instead of an iPhone with less quality.

My room has his own life. I have this room for 8 years now, and my closest friends know it changes a lot of times. In every corner of my room have been my bed, desk and closet and every wall has had at least 4 different colors. How my room looks now, was an 8 years during process. I think a good interior is not something you design but is something that grows.

People ask a lot about where I buy my furniture. It’s just a mix of Ikea and vintage. Promoting Ikea as an interior design student is maybe not a

good thing. But as student, my budget isn’t that big. Ikea just offers a lot of good interior basics where you can work around. I just buy functional, white furniture and mix it with a little bit of vintage. And that’s what I like the most about a white interior, that the details make it.

But living in a room such as this also has disadvantages. Because everything is white and electronic products are most of the time black, they catch your eye at first sight. Also eating chocolate ice cream in bed isn’t always a good idea. But beside that, I’m actually very happy with the atmosphere I became in this small room.

* Chair: Eames by Vitra, side tables: vintage

6 juli 2014

Cereal magazine

What I like so much about reading magazines is that you can get inspiration from it. Besides that, you get to know new stuff and it kills some time when you got nothing to do. One of the magazines I often read is Cereal magazine. Cereal is a travel and lifestyle magazine that just started last year and updates quarterly.

Last week, I bought the new sixth issue. I like the fact that this is not just a travel magazine where they will explain all the touristic places. They look for some specific places and go deeper into it. In this issue, they visit Singapore, Wales and Vancouver.

Next to the travel parts, there are the interludes. Where they’ll show you stuff like sunglasses, bags, watches and even succulents that you can use at home.

Everything is explained very clearly assisted by bright pictures, all wrapped up in a minimalistic layout. Definitely a must read for those who love to discover new places.

* Magazine: Cereal Magazine, more on: readcereal