28 oktober 2014

Interior with a different feeling

I’m not the only one in the family having a weakness for interiors. I think I received the microbe from my parents. Although our style is different on the first sight, there are still a lot of things we have in common. We both love contemporary design in combination with vintage. Also I have the love for design classics in my veins because of them.

The biggest difference is that the living room is a dark and cozy cave. But the design classics give the space that extra touch. Every time when I look at those, I discover a new detail. That makes this living room a real inspiration for me.

* Chair: Hans J. Wegner, coffee table: Eames

20 oktober 2014

Bright blue day

While walking through the city, I accidentally came across this new place. The building is used as a museum but it was closed, since it was Sunday. That means a perfect time to shoot a new outfit, especially my new jacket.

Since I saw the jacket in the COS stores, I doubted whether I should buy it or not. After a lot of overthinking, I finally decided to get my hands on it. From the minute I bought it, I didn’t have any regret and it’s still one of my favorite pieces.

The jacket looks timeless, static and symmetrical. Plus not to forget, it’s also really functional. On one hand because it has a lot of pockets, on the other hand it’s perfect for every occasion and you can wear it with or without a sweater. The best part is that it fits everything in my closet.

* Top: COS, Lacoste, middle: H&M, bottom: Vintage Nike
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15 oktober 2014


First of all, my excuses for the lack of posting lately. With the beginning of my last year in college, a lot of things had to be done. And throughout those busy moments my mind didn’t come up with ideas anymore. But finally I’m back in my old routine. Again with a lot of ideas and interesting features. So stay tuned!

For a school project, I was able to sniff around in the warehouse of a recycle store. The deal was that everything I took with me, I had to give a new life. Instead of taking something broke, what would make the challenge easier, I took a vintage item.

My eyes almost directly fell on a lamp and a bit later I found the exact same lamp again but unused and still in a box. After coming home I realized that it was an infrared light. It has a function that is not

contemporary anymore so I could completely strip the technical inside. The only thing left was the beautiful shape where I fell for the first time I saw them.

The shape made me think of new ‘sound’ items. But the best idea came later. The metal lampshade was perfect to create echo. That would be perfect for a wireless iPhone speaker. But still, I wanted the beautiful object still be beautiful after giving it a new function. Considering every little piece I took away or added could make or break the speaker. I think it became a very beautiful and contemporary object to have on your shelf.

* Special thanks to Kringwinkel Mechelen

9 september 2014

Taking a break

Just in time before college starts again, taking a week off to go on holiday is the perfect way to end summer. But it’s also hard, knowing lots of work is coming in the next weeks. It will also be the last time that I take all my shorts, summer Tees and slides with me: packing was never so easy.

The sun here, in Valencia, is always shining and especially burning your skin. So you can’t avoid going to beach for some cooling. For this trip to the sea, I just took my new vintage Adidas shorts, a white Tee and slides. Plus, I also got my backpack with me to carry some other stuff.

* Top: COS, Religion backpack, middle: vintage Adidas, bottom: Teva

4 september 2014

Outfit upgrade

Normally, I prefer an outfit that is effortless and comfortable. However, this time is different because going a wedding needs a little extra. No skinny black jeans with trainers for me, but a more thoughtful outfit. I replaced the jeans by dark blue suit pants, which come a little bit above my ankle. Underneath, I matched it with my white Acne shoes.

Also no classic white shirt for me, but a little bit oversized T-shirt. I’m not the person that goes to a wedding in a full costume, but I like a funny twist in my outfit.

* Top: COS, middle: H&M, bottom: Acne
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